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Welcome to a workshop in Ashtangayoga with an inspiring energy with Tim Feldmann. Tim is well known for his deep knowledge within anatomy and for his way of seeing all students and giving inspiration to everybody of all levels.

About Tim Feldmann

Tim is the founder and captain of the world-wide recognized Miami Life Center which he runs with his wife Kino MacGregor. He has practiced yoga since 1994 and Ashtanga Since 1999. Authorized to teach directly by K. Pattabhi Jois and Sharath Jois he explores core concepts and modern boundaries of Patanjali’s yoga teachings alike.

A practitioner of Ashtanga Yoga’s Advanced A Series Tim is dedicated to Ashtanga’s traditional method. Drawing upon his past as an internationally successful dancer and acclaimed choreographer, anatomy, alignment and technique is his second nature. Tim has been pursuing in-depth studies of Patanjali, Sankhya and Vedanta over the past 7 years with Vidwan Nagaraja Rao, Jayashree & Narasimha and other exceptional scholars in India. Cherished worldwide for his fun, disciplined and detailed pursuit of authentic yoga and his compassionately effective touch, Tim travels to Yoga Shalas around the globe with the inclusive message of how study, steadiness and devotion is the means to powerful transformation both inside and outside of us.

Friday evening 5-7.30 pm

Yogic Breathing For Mediation & Vitalization + 30 min Q&A

Finding a personal place of soothing refuge and revitalization is essential for everyone who wants to live a happy and healthy life. Firmly established in mind, body and emotion, Yoga offers us the power to find peaceful inner self in the middle of any action and hardship. Yogic breathing is one of the most powerful tools to reconnect on a deep inner level. In this workshop you will breath to soothe and calm your mind, as well as breath to energize yourself. All Levels Welcome.

Saturday & Sunday morning 8-11 am

Mysore Style Classes  

Named after the city where Krishnamacharya and Pattabhi Jois developed their yoga method, this is the classic way Ashtanga Yoga is taught. A melting pot of yoga practitioners of all levels from beginner to advanced, this class sets out to offer personalized guidance to every practitioner at exactly where you need it most. Build relationship with yourself, your practice and your teacher in this inspiring energy. Come experience and honor the Ashtanga Yoga’s five thousands year old lineage of teachers, sages and gurus, Pattabhi Jois, his son R. Sharath Jois and every Ashtanga practitioner today.


Saturday 1 pm-3.30 pm:

Gateway Postures of The Primary Series – (Bhujapidasana, Kurmasana, Supta Kurmasana)

The Primary Series, Yoga Chikitsa, is meant to heal and strengthen our body and mind, preparing ourselves for a deeper and more subtle asana exploration in the Intermediate Series, Nadi Shodana. But sometimes we get a bit stuck! the leg just won’t go where we want it to or our knees, wrists or shoulders seems more achy than happy when attempting the higher notes of this series, also called the ’Gateway Postures’ as they serve as indicators that our body has grown ready for a next level. But what to do when we can’t find our body molding those fancy shapes? This workshop addresses that issue. Focusing on technique, proper alignment and anatomical insights will help you understand how your body move and how to progress to a next level of your attitude. We set up for a detailed experience of these difficult gateway postures, slowly peeling the layers that obstructs our view and motion required to find the freedom and power which Sri Patanjali promises in this yoga method.

Sunday 1 pm-3.30 pm:

Asana Foundation – The Standing Postures

By developing a conscious use of our legs during our standing poses we learn advantageous alignment principles that enhances energy, facilitates health and prevents injury. When we utilize the ground below correctly, these key asanas connect us to the core of our pelvis, spine and bandhas. In this workshop you will learn how this humble series of postures builds deep inner awareness and structural foundation for forward bends, back-bends, inversions and deep hip- opening work. Gain a new-found appreciation for this foundational work of yoga.

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Fee: 2100 kr

Please note that the fee is nonrefundable by any cancellations!

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